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Iris 11.5cm curved scissors of great versatility, ideal in surgery to make cuts with precision and safety, remove stitches, cut threads.

These scissors feature sharp, angled curved blades for easy access and visibility during medical, dental and veterinary surgical procedures.

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Iris 11.5cm curved scissors essential in dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine. With its ergonomic design and compact size, this scissors is easy to handle and offers precise control during procedures.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Iris 11.5cm Curved Scissors are strong and durable, ensuring long-term performance. Its curved shape allows you to access hard-to-reach areas and make precise cuts in soft tissue.

These scissors feature sharp, angled blades for easy access and visibility during surgical or dental procedures.

In dentistry, the 11.5 cm curved Iris scissors are useful for making incisions in the gums and soft tissues, as well as cutting sutures and dental materials. In medicine it is used in various specialties, such as general surgery, dermatology and ophthalmology, to make precise cuts in tissues and sutures.

In the veterinary field, these scissors are very useful in small animal surgeries, as well as dental procedures and soft tissue care. Its curved design allows veterinary professionals to make precise and safe cuts.

This scissor is a must have in any healthcare professional’s instrument kit. Its versatility, ergonomic design, and durability make it a reliable choice for a wide range of procedures. Whether in dentistry, medicine or veterinary medicine, this scissors meets the quality and performance standards required in the clinical setting.

Produced by the Master Surgical brand, we ensure high quality at the best price.

The 11.5 cm iris scissors are required for the following universities:

CEU CARDENAL HERRERA VALENCIA for the fourth year of dentistry
CEU SAN PABLO MADRID for the second year of dentistry.
UCV CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA for the fourth year of dentistry

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